Become an Algorithmic Trader
with Angels Academy

The Program is designed for traditional traders to upskill to automated trading, or planning to start a ever lasting career in Algorithmic Trading

Set up the foundation to build your own trading algorithm

You will have a better understanding to :
   • Build Your Strategy
   • Backtest Your Strategy
   • Run Your Strategy in the Live Market

We help you master your move Using Technical Analysis, Derivative & Algo Trading because it is important to think ahead and plan for your secured financial future for many reasons.

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Convenient Online Weekend Class Suitable for Traders, Working Professionals, Students & House wife's

Offering Learning on Location - Online Weekend Classes

Course Outline

Learn a New Skill Online, Find the Classes that Fits your Needs and Dreams

Technical Analysis
(38 Hrs)

Learn from very basic to Advanced Technical Tools, building trading strategy and Live Market Training.
Learn to read charts, indicators, patterns, Dow theory, Elliott Wave to mention a few

Derivative Analysis
(30 Hrs)

Learn derivative and options data reading, ATM/OTM/ ITM, Hedging, capital market, Money market etc...

Algo Development
(30 Hrs)

Learn how to make your own Algo trading system using python. It teaches you how to get current and historical market data, build indicators that work for your trading style, and use backtesting to protect your funds as well as profit

Course Overview

We help you master your move Using Technical Analysis, Derivative & Algo Trading

Derivative Analysis

  • Duration : approx 1.5 Months
  • Understanding of Cash and Derivative Market
  • Future and Options
  • Leading about Greeks
  • Delta Hedging/ Money Hedging
  • Create your own Strategies
  • Margin Management

Technical Analysis

  • Duration : approx 2.5 Months
  • Basics of Technical Analysis
  • Understanding of Candels & Chart Patterns
  • Learn about Indicators
  • Support, Resistance and Trendline
  • Trend Indicators : Moving Averages, EMA, DMA, ADX
  • Bollinger Band and Oscillator
  • Gap and Zone Theory
  • Profutitnity and Fibonacci

Algo Development

  • Duration : approx 1.5 Months
  • Basics of Python
  • Understanding of Functions and Loops
  • Connecting different Exchanges
  • Websockets
  • Live Execution of Orders
  • Learn how to Backtest

Learning Outcome

Eliminate your emotion while trading using tried & tested trading stragey

  • Learn how to forecast market, entry - exit points using technical analysis
  • Become a pro trader with knowledge of most advanced trading strategies and latest techniques
  • Make wiser trading decisions and see your portfolio grow in over a period of time
  • Learn and make your own algo trading setup and backtest your strategy

About Us

ANGEL’S ACADEMY is an initiative taken by the founders of ANGEL’S VIRTUAL WORLD, which is one of the leading Algo Development Software Company, which creates the most versatile and dynamic Algo’s, based on Risk & Fund management for Global Financial Markets (i.e.; NSE, BSE, Crypto, Commodities, Forex etc.)

  • The initiative is meant to educate the common people as well as practitioner traders to learn how to trade
  • Working on multiple segments of Global Markets at the same time
  • Managing the Fund & Risk professionally like advanced Fund Managers

Learn from Market Professionals Who Create Algo's And Well Experienced In Creating Algo's For The Markets

A Unique 3-in-1 Stock Market Course to make you forecast the Market with maximum accuracy
Build Your Own Automated Trading System to earn while you sleep

Why Us

You will not only be taught the Market Technicals by the highly experienced professionals but the same knowledge will be enhanced one step ahead, supported with coding of those manual technical know-how for ROBOTIC/ AUTOMATIC trading called ALGO TRADING.

  • Industry Experts, Academics and Practitioners as faculty
  • Live interaction with faculty, with support team
  • Experience of having Live Trading Boats for many years with Perfect Execution
  • Experienced team to Managing large funds and building automate Risk Assistence

Further, once you are an ANGEL’S ACADEMY certified professional, you will also be offered to complete your paid internship pursuing for a permanent job with its Parent Company i.e.; ANGEL’S VIRTUAL WORLD based on qualifying your interviews and selection criteria

Programs Featured

Deep Drive into Stock Charts, Crypto, Commodities, Forex, Pattern, indicators for Analysis & Forecasting.

  • Offer Internships & Jobs
  • Job Oriented Certifications
  • Practical Knowledge
  • Live Projects - Stock Market Live Earnings
  • Trading with Automation Financial Market Knowledge

Our Team

Deep Drive into Stock Charts, Pattern, indicators for Analysis & Forecasting.

Ananya Agarwal

Mentor : Technical Analyst Years of experience as a share market trader knack for Technical analyst & Market Analyst also Expertize in Fund Management & Risk Management

Ashok Jain

Mentor : Derivative Analyst 40+ yrs of experience as a Trader, Market Analyst & Stock Market Coach Engineer turned Financial Analyst & Stock Investor

Umang Arora

Mentor : Derivative Analyst Specializes in Arbitrage and innovating Multi facet Arbitrage opportunities in the market for past many years.

Hardeep Singh

Algo Development (Crypto)

Dilasha Banka

Practical Expert

Yogita Papney

Practical Expert

Sushil Kumar

Algo Development (Indian)

Frequently Asked Questions

Explore our resources below to learn more about our programme, process, organization and the financial engineering industry

Placement would be given to potential candidates to validate their skills and intellectual expertise in professional domains

Yes, you can trade in National & International Markets both and the process of Algo Development would be the same for all markets, only the functionality of Trading platforms and Exchanges would be different

No, we will teach you the basic concept of Algo making and coding in the 'Algo Development Course'

The course duration is as per mentioned in the course details:
1. Derivative Analysis: approx 1.5 months
2. Technical Analysis: approx 2.5 months
3. Algo Development: approx 1.5 months

Yes, you can get it, but only after measuring the candidate's knowledge and skills by our Faculties

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